Research Scientist, Machine Learning

Palo Alto, California, United States · Core Machine Learning


As a Research Scientist on the machine learning team, you will be helping to build the core machine learning building blocks upon which computer vision, speech, and other application specific API’s can be built. In particular, the differentiation of our machine learning approach, and the framework we built around it, is that we emphasize computational and numerical efficiency (orders of magnitude over the state of the art). These efficiency gains come from fundamental innovations in machine learning, which are built in the context of a generalized production framework used to ship real product in short timelines.

You should have expertise in machine learning, computational geometry, and computational math (additional experience in related fields such as computer graphics and computer vision is a plus), and have worked on developing large scale deployable software projects in C++.

Product over research: We are working at the cutting-edge and make research-level breakthroughs, but our focus is driving value for our customers, not writing research papers.

We work hard: We pride ourselves on delivering product to our customers, on-time and on-spec. To do this, we work smart, and we work hard.

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